Monday, April 13, 2009

Cook's Club Challenge 10

I only tried one recipe from Challenge_10 - the MINI MARS BAR CHEESECAKES
These mini cheesecakes looked so delicious and they seemed easy to make too!
They came together fine, and looked OK, but you guessed it, it was time for a failure ............................ they did not set very well.
They tasted very nice, but they were very soft and gooey
Others that took part in the challenge had more success than me - they all looked so yummy!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Cook's Club Challenge #8

For Challenge_8 I tried out two of the three dishes.
Jazzie’s Triple Choc Brownies are to die for - they are the nicest brownies I have made.
I then tried Jazzie’s Broccoli Pie - yummo. This is another one that has become a firm favourite in this house.
The above picture is my first attempt, and the following picture is what I do now. I make up individual pies and have added onion & mushrooms to mine. Hubby's is just a bacon & egg pie ;-(

Stay tuned for more adventures in Cathy's Kitchen.

Cook's Club Challenge 7

in Challenge_7 I tried all three recipes
The Butter Chicken has to be my all time favourite - I make it up just for myself, with some rice, and divide and freeze in single portions.
Unfortunately, even given the number of times I have made it, I usually forget to take a photo.
Next success was the cake - very nice. Hubby liked it a lot and took some to work the next day.
My next project was to make up a pizza from scratch - not bad. I did not make up the dough, but bought some premixed dough and used that. The pizzas were OK and a bit of fun to make up with friends, but I think I will leave the pizza making to the professionals LOL
All in all, I am enjoying my Cook's Club Challenges very much.
stay tuned for the next installment.