Thursday, July 22, 2010

My new toy - a learning experience ;-)

Have had two attempts at making the perfect loaf of bread - we have attained a 95% success rate ;-)

the first loaf (750g) was not crusty enough on the top, but lovely everywhere else.
the second loaf (1kg) raised too much and stuck to the window, but was lovely to eat nonetheless ;-)

I am attempting another 750g loaf today, following the instructions on the Laucke Breadmix packet.

We will have crusty bread with our Pasta Carbonara for tea!

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  1. Hope you have lots of fun with the new toy. We go through stages of making bread every day and then we kind of go off the idea for a while and then it's all on again! Thanks for following my blog! No idea how you got there! Yesterday I had one follower, today 5 !


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