Sunday, November 4, 2012

REVIEW: Sunbeam VersaCook Multi Cooker x 5

A few weeks ago, you may remember I won a Sunbeam VersaCook Multi Cooker x 5 courtesy of A Spoonful of Sugar

I thought you would appreciate some of my initial findings on the Multi Cooker :)

I have used it twice now - once as a slow cooker, where it performed well - barring a minor miscalculation on my part with the cooking time ;-) and once as a deep fryer :(

I used the deep fryer part on Thursday .......... I am afraid I was most disappointed in the Deep Fryer operation of this device :(

First up, it uses an ENORMOUS amount of oil (over 1.5 litres) to get to the MIN mark.

I wanted to do homemade chips, and on reading the manual, it recommends cooking chips in two stages – which I liked that idea, as I used to do that anyway :)

According to the manual on page 17
First cook at 140C 7-8 mins, then second cook at 190C 7-8 mins

This is where I encountered my first 'issue' the temperatures are SET - 130, 150, 170, 190 or 210 - I cannot find how I can select 140C

Second Issue - You CANNOT select any cooking time under 10 mins - it defaults to 2 hours, and you have to click the timer down in 5 minute intervals – very time consuming and annoying as it beeps at every click! 

I have since been contacted by Sunbeam and there appears to be a misprint in my Manual in relation to the 140C :-)  Newer manuals have been corrected.

I cooked at 130 for about 8 mins - first cook was successful - it reached the stage I would normally take them out in the time suggested :) 

after letting them cool down for a bit, I selected the temperature for the second cook – 190C and selected 10 mins, thinking I will just take them out at the 7-8 minute mark.

The chips browned very quickly and after about 3 mins I took them out – they were cooked, but bordered on looking burnt ;(

Next up - was the crumbed calamari - The recommended cooking for crumbed calamari was 170C for 5-7 mins – that seemed a bit too long for me, so I cooked for 4 mins – it was OK - if there was to be a next time, I would cook at 190C for about 3-4 mins. 

I was so disappointed with the end result, I forgot to take photos :(

On first impression, I won’t be using this machine as a deep fryer – I may just stick with the oven chips :)
or even revert to my Sunbeam Multicooker Deep Fryer (DF4400) purchased previously

Having said all the above, I am a Sunbeam girl from way back .......... I am not completely deterred ................... Next item to tackle ………. Butter Chicken (CCC) using the slow cooker option ;-)

Thank you for visiting my blog today - I hope you have a good day.
Remember, any day doing something you love makes it a good day ;-)

Doing what you like is freedom. Liking what you do is happiness.

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