Thursday, August 13, 2009


I was so impressed with the photos presented for this challenge, I just had to have a go!
CCC#24 - the truffles looked delicious!
Boy, did I make a mess of the kitchen with this one!
it was a whole lot of fun (and stress!!) trying to pull these together -
here is what I posted on the forum:
QUOTE "have just made the truffles and must confess to being disappointed with my results.
have taken some piccies and whilst they look nice, they are still soft and gooey unless they are straight out of the fridge, they don't seem to stay firm the milk chocolate ones, with vanilla essence, rolled in choc sprinkles & crushed almonds (bottom right) seem to be the most successfull. the white ones rolled in coconut used coconut essence (top of piccie) are the next most successful ones the white & choc speckled ones were coconut essence & kaluah (left of piccie) - these seem to be the most gooey what did I do wrong??? I do admit that they taste nice, but they don't stay very firm for very long
EDITED: 1 hour later: have just finished the batch of milk chocolate ones, with choc sprinkles & almonds - they seem to be the most successful, the ones with the kaluha (the ones I was most looking forward to trying ) seem to be the most disappointing
EDITED: later again: they taste good, so not a COMPLETE waste of time or effort My SILs (yes plural) are chocolate freaks and say there is no such thing as BAD chocolate, just some are better than others
EDITED: 24/12 - the truffles have been in the fridge for 24 hours and now seem to stay firm - I don't know why they took so long to firm up. I will pass on the SILs verdict either later this evening or tomorrow. My verdict is that they are OK, very fiddly to make. I am not really a sweet person, so I think I will stick to savoury things in the future. END QUOTE
I didn't even attempt the chocolate coated ones! I think I will leave this type of thing to the professional LOL

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