Sunday, April 18, 2010

I made bread!

We often visit SIL and have bread made using her breadmaker.  DH always raves over it and says we should get a breadmaker too!   I am reluctant to spend $200 on something I don't think we would use that much.

I figured we did not NEED a breadmaker.  My Sunbeam Kitchen Centre (a 21st birthday present from my parents in 1981) had dough hooks and could mix everything nicely. 

My SIL uses the Laucke Crusty White breadmix, so the next time I went shopping I got some.

On Saturday afternoon, I got out my trusty Sunbeam Kitchen Centre and my experiment began!
Here is my first bread - waiting to rise

Here it is risen!  it actually rose!

I divided the mix into four rolls - next time I think I will do 6 - cooked for about 20 mins in the oven and placed in basket wrapped in tea towel while I cooked Fillet Mignon & Chips

Here they are sliced and buttered - the crust is sooo crusty.

We will be having the other two rolls tonight toasted with scrambled eggs!  usual Sunday night fare!

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