Saturday, November 6, 2010

we went shopping for a TV and came home with a microwave

We spent a day out last week at the new Gepps Cross Shopping Precinct - what a wonderful collection of shops in the one place!  It opened in June 2009 and we finally went to check it out.  See news story here

We had the most enjoyable day shopping together - well, not really together he went to check out Radio Rentals and I went to Spotlight.  I found some material I had been hunting down for a while (can't show you, as it will be for a quilt block swap partner on my sewing blog)

Anyway, I get to RR and hubby is still undecided which TV he wants - he was alternating between two choices, so I suggested we sleep on it.  He felt guilty about taking up so much of the salesman's time, he asked me if I wanted anything?  silly question!!!   I have been wanting to update the old microwave for quite some time now.  We first purchased the National Panasonic Genius in 1983 - it was a big gutsy appliance 600W of power, big turntable, huge internal oven space which made for a huge microwave.

You can see it here on the right - it took up all of the space next to the cooktop. 
it still works perfectly, but is just too big

here is my new one - I am loving the extra space around it - it seems to make the kitchen look cleaner ;-)

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