Friday, December 30, 2011

Time for some self-evaluation ;-)

I read an interesting article HERE about self-evaluating your photos.

With the New Year about to start, I think it is perfect timing for me to articulate (big word ;-) ) what I am trying to achieve with my photography skills (such as they are)

So, after reading this article, my goals for 2012 are to:
  • produce a better consistency in focus - i.e. have the focus where I intended the focus to be.
  • have a better awareness of image composition – being more aware of what is in the background – could it be better?
  • improving my understanding of what all the numbers mean ;-)

Hopefully, I will be able to improve my skills and produce some really great photos that can tell a story and connect with the people viewing them ;-)

Example of a shot where focus could have been better ;-)
The place mats should be more in focus - I am happy with the out of focus background.
Need to play with the Fstop some more ;-)

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