Tuesday, August 28, 2012

22 Photos - Days 1 - 20

I am participating in Maddabling's photo challenge on Facebook

This post will be updated with each new photo added.

Day 1 - Around the House
Day 1 - Around the home
This is on the side of my sewing area - all prepped and ready to start sewing.

Day 2 - Tilt
Day 2 - Tilt

Day 3 - Blue Lines
22 Days - Day 3

Day 4 - pod
Peas in a Pod

Day 5 - nowhere
Day 5 - nowhere

Day 6 - XO
Day 6 - XO

Day 7 - Parklife
Day 7 - parklife
Linking with Weekend Reflections #151

Day 8 - Dummy
A charming dummy

Day 9 - 3 EPS
Day 9 -3 eps

Day 10 - Post
Day 10 - post

Day 11 - sublime ????

Day 12 - Play
Boys and their Toys

Day 13 - My Life - this week
My Life this week

Day 14 - Core - 23rd August

Day 15 - The Carnival - 24th August

Day 16 - Diary - 25th August
Dear Diary, today I slipped on the pavers and landed flat on my back!
On my back!
see post HERE for more pics

Day 17 - The Fragile - 26th August
Am certainly feeling fragile today - so no photo for me ;(

Day 18 - Monster - 27th August
Day 18 - Monster
Monster Weeds

Day 19 - Dry - 28th August
Day 19 - Dry
Certainly not a Dry Zone in my house ;-)

Day 20 - Remedy - 29th August
A must in my handbag
A must in my handbag - my remedy for breakouts

Day 21 - Dirty - 30th August

Day 22 - The Colour and the Shape - 31st August

Saturday, August 25, 2012

One slip and bang! flat on your back

The mist was so very pretty this morning, so I went out to take some photos - not a good thing to do whilst wearing Ugg Boots ;(

such a pretty view
Linking with 52 Photos Project - Gallery 18 - on the street

Ooops .... one slip ..........
 down on the ground I go ....... flat on my back
my elbow hurts, my ankle hurts, my head hurts
but ....... I didn't drop the camera ;-)
after a few minutes of laying on the ground checking myself that
I had not done any serious damage I took photos ;-)

 one of the very few times I have been thankful of carrying around a bit of extra padding

The skid mark on the pavers

yep!  the camera still works - phew!!

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Friday, August 24, 2012

The week that was ...........

............. interesting - see my other post HERE to see how the week ended ;(

Last weekend, our long awaited new television arrived - a Panasonic 60" Plasma - after placing an order on 29th June 2012, it was finally delivered on Saturday, 18th August 2012.

We eagerly set it up and commenced our TV viewing for the weekend - YAY

On Tuesday morning, we turned it on to watch one of our breakfast TV shows, 'Today' and it went BANG and there was a smell of burning!  NOT HAPPY JAN!

A service technician was called and yes, there has been a major failure, we will be going out and organising a replacement television later today.

Luckily, we still had the old Panasonic as we had relocated into the formal lounge, so we were able to bring it back into the family room - I couldn't imagine being without a television for any length of time now

here is the new, but slightly broken television - looks like it is in the 'naughty time out' position, up there facing the curtains ;-)

I will say that Chris, the Salesman from The Good Guys, Gepps Cross, has been great - after our initial apprehension of what was going to happen, we are now very confident in having a good outcome ;-)
Stay tuned for our replacement!

This week was a week of  breakdowns ...... my new washing machine (bought at Christmas) decided to start leaking.   I put in a service call and had to wait until Thursday for the technician, but hubby seems to have fixed in the mean time - it appears to be just a washer/O-ring in the hose - so all fixed and service call was cancelled!

They say it happens in threes ;-( so I am just waiting for number three!

This week has also been an interesting week with our weather here in Adelaide - very cold, wet and windy!

50 Shades of Grey
50 Shades of Grey
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Monday, August 13, 2012

A night out

We had a wonderful night out last night to celebrate the nephew's First Communion
at Assaggio 

the food was delicious, service was wonderful and the cake was so yummy!

This saying caught my eye ;-)
I wonder what that says about me ;-)


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Entertained by Denis Smith and the Ball of Light

I had the most wonderful evening at Port Adelaide Camera Club on Tuesday night.

Denis Smith was our guest speaker - you may have heard of him from his Ball of Light series ;-)

It was an absolute pleasure to meet him, and he had us all laughing at his antics when he demonstrated just how he goes about creating his photos ;-)

PACC - Ball of Light

PACC - Ball of Light

PACC - Ball of Light

PACC - Ball of Light
getting ready to demonstrate his technique ;-)

PACC - Ball of Light
the end result ;-)

Denis Smith - Ball of Light Facebook Page

Denis Smith Website

I bought the magazine, and am looking forward to having a sit down with a cuppa and have a read!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

In the Dark

We had a power black out last night, so what is a girl to do but experiment with her camera ;-)

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Candle Light
Linking this photo with Small Aperture

Candle Light

Friday, August 3, 2012

Full Moon

The moon was so incredibly bright the other night, so I grabbed the tripod and took a few shots.

Full Moon

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

52 Blooms & 52 Photos Project

Time to catch up on some pics

Single Diosma
#31 of my 52 Blooms Project
52 Photos Project - Week #15 - Delicate