Saturday, August 25, 2012

One slip and bang! flat on your back

The mist was so very pretty this morning, so I went out to take some photos - not a good thing to do whilst wearing Ugg Boots ;(

such a pretty view
Linking with 52 Photos Project - Gallery 18 - on the street

Ooops .... one slip ..........
 down on the ground I go ....... flat on my back
my elbow hurts, my ankle hurts, my head hurts
but ....... I didn't drop the camera ;-)
after a few minutes of laying on the ground checking myself that
I had not done any serious damage I took photos ;-)

 one of the very few times I have been thankful of carrying around a bit of extra padding

The skid mark on the pavers

yep!  the camera still works - phew!!

Linking with Skywatch Friday


  1. like all the pix when you hit the ground, sorry that you got hurt creating them

  2. I admire your dedication and your photos!

  3. Such gorgeous shots!
    Thanks for linking up this week.


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