Friday, August 24, 2012

The week that was ...........

............. interesting - see my other post HERE to see how the week ended ;(

Last weekend, our long awaited new television arrived - a Panasonic 60" Plasma - after placing an order on 29th June 2012, it was finally delivered on Saturday, 18th August 2012.

We eagerly set it up and commenced our TV viewing for the weekend - YAY

On Tuesday morning, we turned it on to watch one of our breakfast TV shows, 'Today' and it went BANG and there was a smell of burning!  NOT HAPPY JAN!

A service technician was called and yes, there has been a major failure, we will be going out and organising a replacement television later today.

Luckily, we still had the old Panasonic as we had relocated into the formal lounge, so we were able to bring it back into the family room - I couldn't imagine being without a television for any length of time now

here is the new, but slightly broken television - looks like it is in the 'naughty time out' position, up there facing the curtains ;-)

I will say that Chris, the Salesman from The Good Guys, Gepps Cross, has been great - after our initial apprehension of what was going to happen, we are now very confident in having a good outcome ;-)
Stay tuned for our replacement!

This week was a week of  breakdowns ...... my new washing machine (bought at Christmas) decided to start leaking.   I put in a service call and had to wait until Thursday for the technician, but hubby seems to have fixed in the mean time - it appears to be just a washer/O-ring in the hose - so all fixed and service call was cancelled!

They say it happens in threes ;-( so I am just waiting for number three!

This week has also been an interesting week with our weather here in Adelaide - very cold, wet and windy!

50 Shades of Grey
50 Shades of Grey
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  1. Such a gorgeous sky you have this week.

    My Sky Shots.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Great sky, shame about the television though. Its a bit unusual for a Plasma to break like that so quickly, especially a Panasonic as they are pretty good ( we have 2 in our house) at least it broke whilst still under guarantee. Thanks for sharing:)

    1. I so agree, Jane, we haven't had any issues with our old Panasonic, we just wanted a newer bigger TV. We really wanted the new model and was happy to wait for it - although we didn't realise it would take 7 weeks ;-)


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