Saturday, September 15, 2012

Days 6-10 - 20 days to organise and clean

I am participating in The Organised Housewife's 20 days to organise and clean your home challenge ;-)

This is what we got up to during the week ;-)

Day 6 we are in the bathroom - we have two bathrooms - our ensuite and the main bathroom.

The main bathroom was easy enough - it is mostly used by visitors and since we have not had that many visitors of late, it was just a bit dusty ;-)

Day 7 we are cleaning the fridge - it doesn't help if you have just done the grocery shopping ;-)
so the fridge is kinda full ;-)

Extra task - organise cookbooks

Day 8 we are in the craft room.  This particular room will take several attempts.  

Extra steps more decluttering.

Day 9 we are cleaning drawers - as my drawers are OK, I have elected to spend the time continuing in the craft room.

there are all sorts of magazines in this pile - cardmaking, quilting, beading, cooking ;-)
The end result of various stages of decluttering - Now I need to set aside some time, with a cuppa, and sort through these.

Day 10 we are cleaning the oven.  Decluttering cupboards - yes, we will even tackle the Tupperware cupboard!  These tasks for me will be caught up next week ;-)

But for me, as it is Mr Fixit's RDO, full blown housework is not being done.  When he is home, I really prefer to spend some nice quiet time with him, even if it is just hanging out and watching a bit of TV catching up on our shows on the TIVO.

How was your week?


  1. Looking good Cathy - great job. I'm determined to stay on top of the bathrooms now!

  2. have been very busy Cathy. You did amazing work on your craft room. I am having a bit of a spring clean myself. Two bedrooms done and my craft space is due to be attacked on Monday.

    1. Thanks Merry ;-) still a bit more to go yet before I am completely happy :)

  3. What a great job! And I love your craft room :)


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