Thursday, September 20, 2012

Triple Choc Brownies

It was Mr Fixit's birthday this week, and for our birthday, we are allowed to pick our favourite foods.

Mr Fixit is also 'required' to bring treats to work for his birthday and the resounding request was for Chocolate Fudge Brownies - otherwise known as Jazzs Triple Choc Brownies (from Challenge #8 of the Cooks Club)  see full Challenge #8 HERE

This is my favourite part - mixing in the choc chips at the end
Triple Choc Brownies

Separated into "Gooey" and "Edges" - I love the gooey bits, Mr Fixit prefers the crunchy edges
Triple Choc Brownies

A close up of the 'Gooey Goodness'
Triple Choc Brownies

Tonight we will be having Fillet Mignon for tea - can't wait for my birthday in October ;-)

I will not be cooking for my birthday ;-)

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