Thursday, October 18, 2012

Winner, Winner!

A few weeks ago, A Spoonful of Sugar, reviewed a Sunbeam VersaCook Multi Cooker X5 and had one to giveaway.

Well, I was the lucky winner ;-)  You could have knocked me over with a feather when I saw the email letting me know I had won ............. can't stop smiling now, a lovely birthday surprise ;-)

Delivered by Courier

the most pleasing surprise of all .... a handwritten note!

I can't wait to try this out over the weekend ;-) first thing I am going to cook up is some chips - we have been using frozen chips cooked in the oven, and whilst they have been OK ...... there is something about home made chips that is so satisfying ;-)

So my thanks go to A Spoonful of Sugar for hosting the giveaway, to Sunbeam for such a wonderful looking new appliance and to Annaleigh for arranging such prompt delivery.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Bloomin' Joey

52 Blooms Project #41 
52 Photos Project - Week 24 - Orange
52 in 2012 - Week 40 - your choice

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Lightpainting - A PACC Workshop

We had an absolute ball last night with the Port Adelaide Camera Club - we went out into the side streets of the old wool stores and did some light painting ;-)

My first shot ;-)  a little bit shaky

First Practice shot

The next shot, a garbage truck kindly obliged and did the painting for me

Garbage Truck

starting to get the hang of this now
Second Practice Shot

Other club members - at work and play ;-)
Others at work

A three-way ;-)
Balls of Light in Port Adelaide

Denis Smith very kindly did his thing for me ;-)
Denis does his thing ;-)

Another fellow club member doing his impersonation of a ghost ;-)
We have a ghost!

Done in 60 seconds
Done in 60 Seconds

Three Little Balls
Three Little Balls
(Tell me you are not singing the song from the cartoon right now  ;-) )

Finally, our group contribution
Great Balls of Light

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Windy Peak - A Wine Review

I recently had an opportunity, via Best Recipes, to review a bottle of wine from DeBortoli Wines

I must confess, I was a little disappointed when I opened the box and found a bottle of red ..... a Windy Peak Cabernet Merlot .... I am a white wine drinker.   However, I knew we were going to have visitors who do drink red, and I knew they would give me an honest opinion ;-)

We had a family get together and BIL was the first to try the wine.  'Thin' was his first impression ;-)  SIL then tried hers and echoed his thoughts ;-)

After a few more sips, and a few more pieces of cheese and crackers and nibbles, the BIL revised his opinion ;-)  So much so, I was encouraged to try a glass.

Usually, on the rare occasions when I do drink red wine, I just have a few sips to taste and be polite - I really don't like red wine BUT ...... you guessed there was a but coming ;-)  ....... I really liked this one - I even had a second glass ;-)

So the verdict is ................ very drinkable - even for this diehard white wine drinker!

Check out the other reviews HERE

Check out their website for more on the other wines available - Windy Peak will definitely be going on my Christmas wine list ;-)