Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Lightpainting - A PACC Workshop

We had an absolute ball last night with the Port Adelaide Camera Club - we went out into the side streets of the old wool stores and did some light painting ;-)

My first shot ;-)  a little bit shaky

First Practice shot

The next shot, a garbage truck kindly obliged and did the painting for me

Garbage Truck

starting to get the hang of this now
Second Practice Shot

Other club members - at work and play ;-)
Others at work

A three-way ;-)
Balls of Light in Port Adelaide

Denis Smith very kindly did his thing for me ;-)
Denis does his thing ;-)

Another fellow club member doing his impersonation of a ghost ;-)
We have a ghost!

Done in 60 seconds
Done in 60 Seconds

Three Little Balls
Three Little Balls
(Tell me you are not singing the song from the cartoon right now  ;-) )

Finally, our group contribution
Great Balls of Light

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