Sunday, July 2, 2017

Lake Bonney, South Australia

I had the opportunity to go back to Lake Bonney for some night photography.

I failed miserably on the night photography bit, but got a few lovely sunset shots and a few lovely daytime shots :)

Lake Bonney Sunset
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Lake Bonney Reflections
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Pod of Pelicans

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  1. Excellent group of images! That sunset shot is superb, even though breaking the 'rule' of not having the horizon in the middle. I like everything about the shot: color, lighting, composition, mood and the off-center placement of the pair of dead trees. Kudos!
    Never saw more than one pelican at a time ... how cool is this!

  2. I was thinking about getting out there at night myself lately, I'm sure there's a learning curve, but dang, look at these incredible photos you got. That Lake Bonney Sunset is truly exceptional and belongs in a frame.


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