Saturday, September 2, 2017

Spring is here!

Yesterday, 1st September, was the first day of Spring for us here in the Southern Hemisphere

I spent the day at Adelaide Zoo with my friend Joy, but first here is a pic I snapped when I first got up :)

First Day of Spring

my camera club had a presentation on 'phone photography' and seeing the morning light, I was tempted to run outside and take a pic with my phone - it didn't quite come up as pretty as it looked in real life, but hey, thems the breaks!  They say the best camera to have is the one that is with you! :)

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We went to Adelaide Zoo specifically to see the new baby Meerkats that were born recently :)

Baby Meerkats

Talk about cuteness overload!  oh, they were so gorgeous, and they proved to be very popular with the visitors - it took a while to get in to a good spot to take some photos.

Thank you for visiting my blog today - I hope you have a good day.
Remember, any day doing something you love makes it a good day ;-)

Doing what you like is freedom. Liking what you do is happiness.


  1. Great photo, and I firmly believe that we should carry our phones or cameras everywhere.


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